How We Transfer Your Films

Your film transfer is mastered by a trained technician who invests careful attention to detail. We do not use film projectors and video cameras to transfer your 8 mm films.

We use a direct transfer process using a telecine and MAC computers. Literally every inch of film is monitored and tweaked to perfection as dark film areas are made brighter, and over exposed sections are made darker. We enhance color and contrast. Blank areas are electronically edited out.


Repairs and Splices
When transferring your movies, our film transfer lab technicians at Tommy Productions, Video Transfer Company takes every precaution to handle your precious films as delicately as possible. In the event your old film splices come apart, we will make repairs. (see our pricing guide as extra charges may apply).


You can add titles such as: “The Smith Family, 1955 – 1978” or “Our Family Through Our Years — We Love You”


All films pass through our specialized cleaning solution to remove foreign objects like dust specks, lint and mildew. The cleaning process enhances the clarity of your transfer and makes your memories more enjoyable to watch.


Music or Prerecorded Sound
You can have music added to your order. If there was natural sound recorded on your film, (super 8 mm only) we can transfer the sound as well.

8 MM Film History – Before videotape, and now that cell phones and tablets have become the standard of home movie-making, two sizes of HOME MOVIE FILM: 8 mm and 16 mm, were used to capture and preserve family memories. In the late 1960s a variation of 8 mm film was introduced: Super 8 mm. It was about the same size as regular 8 mm film, but it could not be used in traditional 8 mm cameras and projectors because the sprocket holes were sized differently. Super 8 mm produced a larger picture, and also offered the opportunity for sound recording.



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Customers Comments

My family has used the talents of Tommy Productions for years. We had many of my Dad’s 8mm & Super 8 movies made into DVD’s. Some were from the 1950s & 1960’s. There was one clip from my 2nd grade class trip with both my husband and I in it. Priceless! As are the movies of our children growing up. 🙂 It was such a relief to take all the precious little boxes of film memories and have them safely and beautifully preserved on a DVD.


 Carol & Jerry M. Mantua, NJ

I trusted Tommy Productions with my family’s old 8mm home movie films to convert them into a DVD. The tapes were at least 60 years old, and were dusty, cracked, and torn. I didn’t have high hopes for any kind of quality film, but wanted to create a tangible memory for the family since my grandfather passed away right before Thanksgiving. I could not have been happier with the final product! Tommy Productions staff was kind, friendly, and professional. They even worked throughout Christmas week to make sure they were ready for the special day. And the DVD movies (complete with an original title message, music, and a custom DVD screen print), were amazing. Definitely the tearjerker highlight of our Christmas! Thank you, Tommy Productions for making our memories last a lifetime.

Nancy A. Glassboro, NJ

I had several Regular 8mm and Super 8mm family films from the 50’s & 60’s to be transferred to DVD for posterity. I wanted a company where the films would stay “in house” and be handled with care. Tommy productions hit a Home Run as far as I am concerned. They delivered a professional product, cleaned up and enhanced the marginal quality segments and delivered what was promised when it was promised. I recommend Tommy Productions without hesitation.

Charlie H. Wenonah, NJ

I had “silent home movies” that were quickly deteriorating. Tommy “cleaned them up” and preserved our memories. He has the technology and the expertise for a job like this. We highly recommend Tommy.

Cathy S. Clayton, NJ